A New Start

It’s been a while since we’ve done much here at PrioTask. Our early development has given away to new technology, specifically iPhone and iPad. To that end, we’ve brought a new face on board who has graciously volunteered (well, not for free) to tackle the iPhone version of the program using XCode and other development environments. During that learning development cycle, we will review how to port the desktop version and possibly a web version of the program over from the iPhone app.

Stick with us, things are going to get exciting around here!

Here is a little sample to tide you over


Priotask Sample Movie

Here is a sample movie I just worked up to show the current state of PrioTask.


Learning More and More

So I have ben tossing and turning trying to figure out how to get things moving on this project, and the only conclusion I came to was to update the method used to deal with data and make the program database driven instead of just self contained text, which is a more mature and scaleable method I think SO I added an interim project timeline goal at 0.13. I am also thinking that if I can make it work this way that the program even in its simplistic form is useable, and might in the near future be able to be released as alpha, and the most basic of uses, no frills and just work up from there.

I also thing there might be some benefit to creating
PrioTask Plus or PrioTask Pro which would be shareware, while keeping the basic PrioTask as freeware or donationware. As you might expect, there would certainly be perks to PrioTask Pro over the freeware version, but we will have to se how that pans out.

Gotta Start Somewhere

So, I started PrioTask about a year ago, and worked on it for about 4 months, before letting it slip away from me, then I was reminded on Twitter today that I had a fun project and let it go stale. Well, I hope to try to pick it back up, along with about a million other projects (you know how that goes).