PrioTask Desktop App (Mac)

Version 0.0x (done)

0.02 - Make the simple list and basic menu with 5-rows, 4-columns (done)

0.04 - Have tasks self number as new tasks are added. (done)

0.06 - Drag and drop a row and have the priority list automatically update. (done)

0.08 - Add rotating triangle to the importance title and have the list slide open and closed. (done)

Version 0.1x (in progress)

0.1 - Add high normal and low importance titles to appear in the same window. (done)

0.12 - Add "Status" column with pull downs if items are completed or deleted, then the item could have a strikethrough and move to the bottom. (done)

0.13 - Convert the self contained text mode to a database format with is RealSQL based. (in progress) (Added 17 May 2008)

0.14 - Add the ability to show/hide completed columns via checkbox on interface (in progress)

0.16 - Add the ability to color code tasks

0.18 - Add option to "double click" to make an action as completed.

Version 0.2x

0.2 - Icon bar should be added to include Prefs, toggle deleted/completed tasks, open/close side drawers, open close bottom drawer, long term goals lsit show/hide, print current list

0.22 - Add the long term goal list to the short term goal list, so that long term goals are automatically added to short term list when the day appears.

Version 0.3x

0.3 - Program LTG and STG list so that past completed items or deleted items do not show in list (based on date) and items in LTG list do not show up until the date occurs.

Version 0.4x

0.4 - Remove the fixed tag of category and make it editable through the interface, maybe in the side drawer
. If a category is removed, the item should not get deleted, but get changed to "undefined"

Version 0.5x

0.5 - Have the categories be color coded and automatically color code items on the lists of that category.

0.52 - Make colors custom selectable

Version 0.6b

0.6 - Add the ability to print the list.

Version 0.7b

0.7 - Preferences in preference pane are to be added: All, Colors, Dates, Billing, Fonts, Defaults, Keywords, Printing. )nly the All button woudl work, the rest woudl jsut be pictures

0.72 - Enable fonts to be changed for the list only

0.74 - Enable the defaults menu to take things back to the way they were set up originally, adding a few items that are editable in the list.

0.76 - Add the Dates preference to setup default dates and date formats, durations for tasks.

0.78 - Printing preferences to modify borders

Version 0.8b

0.8 - Any subtle fixes and adjustments to the program that might be deemed necessary

============ At this point, it should be released as shareware ===========

Version 0.9b

0.9 - Add the ability to sort/search for keywords automatically.

0.92 - Add the ability to include the lists in spotlight